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Court House

Welcome to the Shelby County's e-filing website.

File new cases and subsequent documents in Circuit Court or Chancery Court.

New divorces must be filed with the Divorce Referee.

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 46A, Adopted March 28, 2019, does not affect service for Shelby County Circuit and Chancery Court until adoption of new local court e-filing rules and modification to the e-filing system for both courts on July 15, 2019.

Changes to provide for electronic service in Shelby County Courts is in progress and will require an email sent to efile.regestration@shelbycountytn.gov from all e-file users by July 15, 2019.
Please include: Name, Bar Number, and a statement confirming your agreement to e-service.


If you are an Attorney licensed to practice in Tennessee, your E-filing User Name will be your TN Bar number, omitting leading zeros. For example, if your Bar number is 005277, your User Name will be 5277. Any other format will require resubmission.


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